Must-Hear: “You” – For Esmé

On their self-titled debut, Toronto band For Esmé offered up a dark carnival of sound, juxtaposing folk structure with experimental pop and rock accents.  One of our fave albums of 2013, it was a perfect soundscape for an album that explored themes of life and death, love and loss and the other polar opposites that shape human experience.

On their forthcoming album Sugar, For Esmé has run headlong into electropop’s dreamy lushness, while retaining just the right rock bite.  A key-lime sort of sound, the sweet and tart blend perfectly.  On lead single “You”, the abandon and invincibility of youth collides with the inhibitions of adult constraints.  The result:  a strutting salute to the bliss that lies in surrendering to music.

Get your playlist ready:  your summer soundtrack won’t be complete without this anthem of joy.

Official site

Watch the clever video for “You” below!

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