Must-Hear: LOLO and MAX Strip Down Sia’s “Elastic Heart”

If you’ve somehow spent the month of March without this cover in your life, rectify it immediately.

Each bringing a resume filled with covers that take songs to a fresh, powerful place and vocal pipes in abundance, MAX and LOLO recently teamed up to craft a downtempo, piano-centred cover of Sia’s hit “Elastic Heart”.  While each artist has their own unique voice and approach to their work, the contrast between them is really what sells this for me.  Similar to the spirit of Sia’s music video featuring Maddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf as two aspects of the same person, the shift between singers echoes the back-and-forth paralysis of an internal war waged.

Have a listen below and be sure to check out MAX and LOLO‘s original work as well!

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