Well, hello!  OTM is pleased to meet you.  We’re all quirky and snarky, but above all else, we enjoy music.  “Fans first, bloggers second” is our motto.  We don’t write to seem intelligent.  We don’t write to establish superiority.  We simply listen to music and speak our true feelings about it. 

You can read an interview we did as a virtual round table here, or learn more about individual staff  below.

Editor/Principal Writer:  Amber Waves

Twitter: @dancescatharsis
Last.fm:  likeadeadstar
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Amber Waves (proper noun):  Music junkie, drinking red wine and forever in search of one more great song. Known to follow concert tours until the bank account hits zero.  Sponsored by Insomniacs Anonymous. Lost somewhere between a whisper and a scream, dreaming of working at Empire Records.

Amber is a Toronto-area music enthusiast and politically-active blogger with a penchant for writing novels in the wee hours of the night.  Raised by parents with hundreds of records and tastes spanning opera to heavy metal, she is forever plagued by the limits of her bank account conflicting with the 7268732338432 new albums she wishes to purchase.

Amber is a creator and thus, she approaches her reviews and reflections with a reverent respect of the arts.  Sassy and shooting straight from the hip, she delivers critical and passionate commentary on music and pop culture.  Most importantly, she never detaches from her ‘fan’ side; she doesn’t hide in the back row making secret notes – she’s in the front row, rocking out.

Amber also creates themed mixes in the spirit of High Fidelity on a semi-regular basis with an anal-retentive attention to sequencing.  She is available for consultation for film and television soundtracks between bouts of activism and live gigs, if you’re so inclined.

Guest Photographer:  J.J. Deogracias
Twitter: @TheGayDragon

J.J. Deogracias earned the reputation of a local paparazzi (in the most loving way) years ago.  His passion for fashion and love of photography soon evolved into a standing gig as the Leatherati North correspondent for Leatherati.com.   He also lets Amber steal his camera, which she is grateful for.  Amber takes pride in introducing J.J. to new music on the regular, particularly the indie scene in Toronto — the only place where he can remotely be referred to as a virgin.

Guest Contributor:  2020k
Twitter: @twenty20k

As someone who appreciates music deeply but can’t identify the nitty gritty “producer-speak” to save her life, a discussion with RJ Kozain is a journey through the reasons for Amber’s visceral reactions.  He is also a witty man who can make her laugh in the wee hours via Twitter banter.  When not making Amber giggle, he’s creating stunning electronic music.  You can read his blog 2020k by clicking here.

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