Must-See: Magneta Lane Unleash Hellfire On Media In Video For “Burn”

Magneta Lane’s EP Witchrock has been a favourite release of 2013 for OTM, with opener “Burn” being a particularly stellar track in the set.  Naturally, we were thrilled not only to see it get video treatment, but that the video has a lot to say about an issue we’re passionate about: the representation of women in the media and its impact upon them.

In speaking of the Aaron A directed clip, singer Lexi Valentine explains:

“The whole concept behind the video is basically talking about how media affects young people in today’s world.  We’ve become very passionate about this issue, and especially when it comes to the influence of media on young girls. The more we sit and think about what we digest on a daily basis and the examples we get out there – the more we believe it’s important to be your own role models. So much information is getting pushed down our throats and doesn’t necessarily relate to any of us in a realistic sense. It doesn’t matter how young you are – we want people to challenge what you see, to ask questions. For teenage girls, they need to know they all have great potential and to never settle for less or for being a version of something else. Never give in. You are your own greatest example – so know your worth.”


OTM true confession:  I always hated Barbies.  I used to rip their heads off and shove them in the bottom of the toybox.  You’ll quickly see why this video gets the OTM seal of approval.

Take a watch below and be sure to also check out our review of Witchrock if you haven’t already for all of the reasons why it should be in your music collection.

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