Must-Hear: “Knives” – The Box Tiger

Nobody help me:  I can’t get this song out of my head.

If “Set Fire To Your Friends” was infectious, rollicking rock, “Knives” is the sinister sister track, creeping around dark corners and seizing you by the throat.  It broods, builds and ultimately boils over as Sonia Sturino jabs at your core as the chorus peaks.  Lyrically clever as always, I am beyond excited now for the full-length release heralded this summer by these two tracks.  Bonus:  both videos are great fun.

Check out the video for “Knives” below, and be sure to swing by NXNE and add The Box Tiger to your Schedulizer.  Trust us:  having caught them during CMW 2013, we can endorse them as a must-see.

And hey, why not add “Knives” and “Set Fire To Your Friends” to your media player of choice?

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