#CMW: Illitry/The C’Mons/Lyon @ The Rivoli, 3/19/2013

Editorial – Amber Waves; Photography – J.J. Deogracias

OTM hit the ground running as Canadian Music Week 2013 kicked off across the city.  Our first stop:  The Rivoli, a beloved venue that’s seen many great artists upon its stage.


Illitry CMW 2013

When it comes to describing this band, “ill” is a great word, as in the vernacular interpretation.  I imagine if Tool had opted to take their brand of prog into a more electronic realm, one might enjoy a similar fusion of rock and the ethereal.  This is what Radiohead’s Kid A should have been, but failed to be.  Illitry deliver enthralling melodies with plaintive, serpentine vocals that coil around you.  

Careful:  they bite.  But you’ll like it.

Illitry’s website

The C’mons

The C'mons CMW 2013

I wanna be where the boys are!

So goes the classic track by The Runaways, a band that proved that women could rock harder than men.  And while many women came afterwards to continue to forge a path through the “women can’t support an entire bill” bullshit, it seems lately that few female artists truly rock.  Garbage were so very welcome back last year, returning to the fold alongside Metric and scant other true rock options.

The C’mons obviously remember the best days and artists:  The Pretenders, Letters To Cleo, Veruca Salt…  The list goes on, and so does the beat, courtesy of Stephanie Bosch’s pipes that threatened to belt the damn roof off the Rivoli.  With twists of blues, ska and punk, theirs is a body-shaking brand of melody.  Dashes of strings evoke Rasputina, even.

With clever, catchy lyrics you wish you already knew so as to sing along, they’re a formidable force.

The C’mons website


Lyon CMW 2013

They say lions roar, that lions sleep, but seldom do they say lions can sing (The Lion King aside).  But of course they can, just as this one can choose to spell the word with a Y, simply because it’s what this lion wants.

This Lyon purrs sweetly, evoking the dreamier and more quirky days of Metric past.  Electronic-pop waves crash over, peppered with enough punchy guitar to retain an edge — a lion at rest, yet ever vigilant.  Playful and pouncing, almost kittenish, yet at turns quiet and contemplative, this Lyon is Queen of the Indie Jungle.

Hear Lyon soar.

Lyon’s website

Don’t forget:  sharing the indie music word is one way to enter our CMW Giveaway!  Details here.


Much more to come in our Farewell to CMW 2013, coming next week!

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