OTM’s Guide To #CMW: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thousands of artists… An impossible mission.  How does one choose between so many aural pleasures?  How does a music writer manage to see as many of them as possible without exploding?

It’s not an easy task for anyone, let alone the music enthusiast.  With so many shows spread across a large city, sacrifices must be made.  That’s why OTM is here to spotlight top picks for each night.  From alt-rock to electronic and back to grungey punk garage band, OTM has your fix of music picks.

OTM’s Picks For Wednesday, March 20th:

The Standstills (8pm, Painted Lady OR 1am, El Mocambo)
Sounds Like:  A five-piece band rocking harder than The White Stripes… only this band has two members.

(9pm, Painted Lady)
Sounds Like:  If Repo! The Genetic Opera cast members formed a rock band.  And yes, that would be a great thing.

The Box Tiger (10pm, The Great Hall)
Sounds Like:   If Florence Welch ran off to do something a little more acoustic rock… and venemous.

Telecraze (10pm, Cabin 5)
Sounds Like:  Acoustic performances of The Tea Party with a little help from Moby.

Sonic Bids EPK

Cai.ro (11pm, Cabin 5)
Sounds Like:  Arcade Fire stylizations; the eerie introspection of Blitzen Trapper; a twist of Broken Social Scene.

beekeeper (12am, Rancho Relaxo)
Sounds Like:  MUTEMATH comandeered by a comedian with a wry sense of humor.

The Falls (1am, Cameron House)
Sounds Like:  The soundtrack to Once, living and breathing.

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