OTM’s Guide to #CMW: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thousands of artists… An impossible mission.  How does one choose between so many aural pleasures?  How does a music writer manage to see as many of them as possible without exploding?

It’s not an easy task for anyone, let alone the music enthusiast.  With so many shows spread across a large city, sacrifices must be made.  That’s why OTM is here to spotlight top picks for each night.  From alt-rock to electronic and back to grungey punk garage band, OTM has your fix of music picks.

Warning:  This is the first day where there are just so many bands playing at once that sacrifices must be made.  It will be painful.  For those disinclined to venue jump, your best best is the Audio Blood Media showcase at The Dakota Tavern, where several of our top picks take the stage, or the Australian showcase at Church of the Holy Trinity.

OTM’s Picks For Thursday, March 21st:

Enjoy the audio-visual version of this guide over at MyMusic, where we’re featured today, or scan the text below!

The Falls (7:40 pm, Church of the Holy Trinity)
Sounds Like:  The soundtrack to Once: haunting, harmonized and heartfelt.

Future History (9pm, Rancho Relaxo)
Sounds Like:  Future History are like a sonic puzzle box that runs from the eerie cyber feel of Radiohead’s OK Computer through the isolation/anger descent/rising of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and comes back to rest safely in the bosom of The Tea Party’s Transmission.

Cai.ro (9pm, Dakota Tavern)
Sounds Like:  Arcade Fire and The Tea Party, united and stripped down to an introspective, acoustic-driven band. Autumn as song.

Sidney York (9pm, Annex Wreck Room)
Sounds Like:  What ’60s girl groups would sound like, if they’d first sprung to life in 2013: spirited, sardonic, rock with harmony and hand claps.

First Rate People (9pm, Annex Live)
Sounds Like:  Stars in a clear sky, twinkling down above a secluded inlet.

Amanda Merdzan (9:40pm, Church of the Holy Trinity)
Sounds Like:  Wild horses running alongside a stream in lush greenery: honesty, freedom and exploration in an indie-folk package with drive.

The Balconies (10pm, Lee’s Palace)
Sounds Like:  Melodic rock with twists of the classical sensibilities Queen and Muse employ.

The Box Tiger (10pm, El Mocambo upstairs)
Sounds Like:   The lovechild of Florence + The Machine and Rilo Kiley

Esther Maria (11pm, Lounge Bar – Marriott)
Sounds Like:  If PJ Harvey circa To Bring You My Love went off and formed an edgy, country-twinged band.

Acres Of Lions (11pm, Dakota Tavern)
Sounds Like:  Jimmy Eat World, all grown up but still ready to rock until the sun comes up.

Eight And A Half (12am, Gladstone Hotel)
Sounds Like:  Breathy, synth-laden folk-rock that cuts to the core.

Noel Johnson (12:30am, The Garrison)
Sounds Like:  Truth and heart, personified. Life unfolding in folk-rock style.

Amos The Transparent (1am, Dakota Tavern)
Sounds Like:  Matthew Good and his new string section, here to rip your heart out – in a good way. A night around the bonfire with good friends, sharing scars and healing.

Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers (1:30am, Horseshoe Tavern)
Sounds Like:  Tom Waits’ grit, classic Buddy Guy blues, Bruce Springsteen’s romanticism, all East Coast Canuck.

The Standstills (2am, The Hideout)
Sounds Like:  The White Stripes on a hard rock rampage, if Meg had been a talented drummer and not simply a beat-keeper for Jack White’s artistry.


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