365 Days of Music: Day 341

Damn The Man! Week – Day 6

There is no way to recap the best of this film’s soundtrack without hitting this track.  It’s the one we all remember, after all, aside from the two huge singles on the disc (and we’re coming to one shortly).  This song, without fail, gets me up off my feet and dancing, rocking out without reservation or hesitation.  That sort of joie de vivre is exactly what Empire Records aimed to celebrate.

and I have searched both far and wide
and I’ve explored the deepest caverns of my mind
to try and find an explanation why
I get this funny feeling deep inside
when you kiss me goodbye
and when I lick between your thighs

sugarhigh …..”

Day 341:  Sugarhigh – Coyote Shivers

Bonus:  The film version, with lyrical changes and Renee Zellweger singing!

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