365 Days of Music: Day 340

Damn the Man! Week – Day 5

I really wish there was a second soundtrack for Empire Records.  So many great songs are missing from the official release, understandable with a film where there’s a new song every few minutes in the background.  Pivotal tracks are missing, however, ones from key movie moments and this is where I scratch my head.

This track is fantastic, and opens the film; you’d think it would have been a priority, but alas, it’s AWOL.  It’s also a perfect summation of how my day is shaping up already… If I were married to my former job…

Gonna send you back to wherever the hell
It was you came
Then I’m gonna get this tattoo
Changed to another girl’s name

This just ain’t fun no more
Don’t know what to say
The honeymoon is over baby
It’s never gonna be that way again

Day 340:  The Honeymoon Is Over – The Cruel Sea

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