30 Days Of Music: Day 29

A Song From Your Childhood

Music has been a constant in my life from the very beginning.  Concerts, too, entered my life early on.  The first?  Irene Cara.

You’ll remember her for movie themes:  Fame.  Flashdance.  You likely know those two songs well enough to sing along a few lines.  Especially when drunk at a bar.

For me, though, this song is incredibly personal.  It was the song that I remember dancing to as a small child at a concert.  I remember years of playing the vinyl, of hearing each word speak to my heart.  A part of me feels like a singer-dancer trapped in a scarcely capable vocalist/dancer’s body.  Music invigorates me in a way nothing can.  It picks me up on a bad day, and it fuels my joy on the good ones.

What a feeling, indeed…

Flashdance (What A Feeling!) – Irene Cara

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