30 Days Of Music: Day 30

Your Favourite Song At This Time Last Year

Last year at this time, I was feverishly working on a novel (it’s out now, available for purchase, and I’m told it’s wonderful by strangers, so I feel good about it).  The novel initially began as an abandoned screenplay, one that remained shelved for a few years.

Then one night, I had a dream.  It was rather strange, and I didn’t know the people in it.  I sensed that this was a story idea and the dream stuck upon waking.  At the end of the dream, a young girl sat in a dorm room, staring out her window at a boy that she wanted, but couldn’t let herself have.  In the background, this song was playing.  Upon waking, I knew the girl:  she was the younger version of my screenplay’s protagonist, and she cared to tell a different story.

The Muse works in mysterious ways.

This song spun frequently as I wrote, not only for its plot significance, but because I relate so clearly to the struggle to seek love and yet fear it, the mental battle between fear and want.  In my own life, I finally found myself ready to start, and I’m grateful for it.  I am grateful for this song, and for this band.  After all, every great story deserves a stellar soundtrack.

Ready To Start – Arcade Fire

3 thoughts on “30 Days Of Music: Day 30

  1. I love the book so much! I am keeping notes on things that move me, connect with me, and that I just overall am over the moon about.

    As I’ve been reading I keep thinking that there should be a companion soundtrack on say Spotify, or something – do you have something like that? Or at least a list of songs?

    Love you and your writing xoxo


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