365 Days of Music: Day 338

Damn The Man! Week – Day 3!

I have spun the Empire Records soundtrack endlessly on some days, each song relevant in its own way to my teens and beyond, each voice finding its way into my heart and head.  One of the bands I miss most from the 90s is Toad The Wet Sprocket; it seemed I would randomly find a song of theirs on every great soundtrack I latched onto, or in mixes pulled together from others’ tastes and favourites.  This song is one of my dearest favourites from the film.  It’s a song for reflecting at sunset, quietly curled at the window, dreaming before the sky.

It’s not over….

in the air i’m sensing a change in the weather
in the end the path is clear

burying won’t stop it breathing forever
underground it takes to root

anyway, it don’t seem right
he is in there and you’re on the outside
what have you done with Peltier
who did you think you’d taken away
it’s not over…

Day 338:  Crazy Life – Toad The Wet Sprocket

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