365 Days of Music: Day 123

Hammering away at work in the security office, the internet radio streaming a mix of top 100 hits, both old and new, this song kicks in and I begin to groove.  I at once feel younger through silly impressions of ODB’s gritty voice and old, since I know this track came out when I was in high school.  But it’s still a fun groove, nonetheless, and it buoys me through the boring work of spreadsheets.

It’s amazing how music, like certain scents, can take you back.  I will always remember that this song came out just before my tastes fully merged from rap and R&B to alt-rock and metal…  The last track to slip in before I generally turned away from the genre for a decade.  I’ve long given up on listening to a genre – I just like music itself – but back in my teens, in attempting to find myself, it seemed finding a style of music, like a type of clothing, was key.

I know better now.

Day 123:  Ghetto Supastar – Pras Michel ft ODB and Mya

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