365 Days of Music: Day Forty-Four

I am not a fan of video games as a rule, but I love the early Silent Hill games, particularly the third installment in the series.  Being a horror movie fan, it shouldn’t be surprising that survival horror would win me over.  Where Silent Hill stands out is its focus on riddles and puzzles that call less on expert controller manipulation and more on mental gymnastics.  For a poorly coordinated girl like me, this makes gameplay that much more enjoyable.

The music of the Silent Hill series is stunning in its melancholy melodies and gorgeous vocals.  I love spinning the soundtrack to the game, particularly the two tracks voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (billed as Melissa Williamson).  This song’s been calling me the last few days, singing me to sleep and buoying me into a state where things seem more positive than they have in a while.

How many times do we think of what we wish we would have known back then?  How different would we have been if we knew the lessons of the present in our past?  Conversely, how different will our future selves be from that which we envision and strive for?  I am nowhere near where I expected to be a decade ago; will my future self look and feel anything like what I long she will be?

Always questions; never answers.

Day Forty-Four:  Letter From The Lost Days – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn/Akira Yamaoka

“We were put here on this earth to suffer…put here to feel joy.”

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