365 Days of Music: Day Forty-Five

In speaking with the wonderful Cynthia of Toronto indie band High Heels Lo Fi, this band came up, which sent me back into a fit of obsession as of this morning.

For an 80s baby, this band is pure delight, blending the delicious sounds that remind me of Devo meets Talking Heads meets my bestest gay’s clever humour meets my own sardonic brand of wit.  I’ve reviewed their incredible live shows in the past (click the post tags!), and eagerly look forward to their CD release bash in November.  For now, I’ll groove to this hilarious video for one of my favourite tracks of theirs, a track that I think fits an overworked girl trapped in a job she never envisioned for herself, a girl who still finds the joie de vivre to dance anyway.

Day Forty-Five:  Sinners of Saint Avenue – SLAVE To The SQUAREwave.

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