Concert Review: Tori Amos @ The Grove, Anaheim 12/15/07

*excerpted from journal*
Despite the mass of people ahead of us, we ended up in the second/third row off to the side near the stage. I am so, so glad we were that close to witness the awesome of this show. Oh my GOD. Pip emerged and I thought I was going to keel over and die of joy. Pip was in top form, making masturbation gestures, cussing up a storm as usual, and being the awesome of all awesome. But then, something weird happened: she did Waitress fourth in her set. Waitress is normally the closer of a 7 song set. I knew what was going to happen: another two doll show. Half of me was sad to get only half the Pip, but when Santa emerged to rock out and do She’s Your Cocaine and Raspberry Swirl as part of her mini-set, I decided it was an incredible combo, and definitely worth sacrificing Pip time. The GA venue meant we had the ability to dance all night, and I definitely rocked out and danced…

Tori then changed again for her main set, which was shortened but solid all the way through. Big Wheel was delicious of course, and after Cornflake Girl, Tori broke out Liquid Diamonds (LOVE) and then went straight into solo time. First up: Carbon. My second favourite song. It was stunning and very charged; it gave me chills and brought me to tears. Take Me With You followed on its heels and was even more gorgeous than Toronto. The band arrived once more and launched into Pretty Good Year, which moved both Ashley and I; it’s such a ‘goodbye’ sort of song and for me at least, the fact tour is so close to ending was just… so real. Recovery time arrived in the form of Hotel and Code Red, which were both rocking out. I’m shocked with how often she’s done it this tour that this was my first time hearing Hotel this tour. SO good. The first encore was an echo of Santa Barbara: Precious Things and Tear In Your Hand, which also choked me up, especially since Tori herself seemed so emotional as she sang, “Maybe it’s time to wave goodbye now” and waved to us. Encore two however… The band returned and began jamming what was very obviously the intro to Talula, which had Ashley and I in fits of glee. But then, Tori didn’t return. She was taking hella long, and it was strange. And then… Tori outdid the shock of the first two-doll combo in San Diego:

Tori returned as Pip for the second encore.

WTF!?!? The lighting darkened and the band slowed down to a ethereal trippy beat and I recognized the song immediately: Suede!! OMG! I don’t think I’ve heard it since my very first show in 1999! I’ve always seen Suede as an ideal Pip song too, so it was just so incredible. Tori didn’t quite keep character as Pip departed and concluded the show; Pip normally flips the audience off and leaves, but instead she kind of bowed and nodded to the audience. It very much felt like Pip was saying goodbye for the tour. Hopefully, she pops out tomorrow, but I won’t hold my breath. Then again, after tonight, I really don’t know what to expect anymore!!

Half of me is trying to be an optimist – one more show! – but half of me is sad now – only one more show! – so it’s a strange feeling. I definitely think tonight’s show was one of the absolute best of the tour, and one of the best I’ve ever seen of Tori’s, period.



Teenage Hustling
Heart of Gold


Body and Soul
She’s Your Cocaine
You Can Bring Your Dog
Raspberry Swirl


Big Wheel
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds

Take Me With You

Pretty Good Year
Code Red

Precious Things
Tear In Your Hand

Suede (as Pip)

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