Womb’s “Baby Don’t Love Me” – Watch The Video And Find Out Why

Toronto-area band Womb has a strangely slick sound for a band that offers up garage punk melodies, prime for the darkest, grungiest bar you can imagine (but the good kind — Torontonians, think of the bathrooms at Sneaky Dee’s and their character).  Perhaps it’s the swinging blues shaken, not stirred, into the creative juices, that sort of swagger that begs for The Blues Brothers to crash the show and bring a few Orange Julius-carrying cops for a chase sequence.

That sort of Jake Elwood pleading, down on the knees after straying from home, rugged blues permeates single “Baby Don’t Love Me”.  What makes it even better is the video that accompanies it, which proves that the show must go on — even if your girlfriend’s gone Garage Band Massacre on you for jamming in her house.  Check out Womb’s “Baby Don’t Love Me” below and mind the splatter.  It’s all in the name of rock.

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