Must-Hear: “Dancing On A Dream” – The Bynars

Boston’s The Bynars are a bit of a mystery.  But maybe that’s okay.  Maybe they don’t need any sort of official biography.  Maybe they don’t want to explain themselves.  Maybe it’s all supposed to be about the music, anyway.

Isn’t that what brings us all to the proverbial table, seeking another taste?

What I do know about them is this:  they’re serving up a menu of synth-happy electropop with just enough crunch to dance on indie rock’s shoreline.  Think of their better-known city mates, Passion Pit without the multitude of layers that possibly evoke a helium rush to the skull.  Picture instead a world that’s a little slower, a little more grungey at times.

Their new album, X vs. X, is a study in diametric opposites.  Love and hate.  Agony and ecstasy.  Reality versus delirium.  Today, I’m feeling a little more… dream-like.

Turn this one up loud.  Careful; you might just find yourself dancing against your will. Need another fix? The whole album’s waiting for you on Bandcamp.

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