365 Days of Music: Day 263

On this, the 6th day of Millenium music, one of my favourite songs from an album that still makes my Desert Island discs list.  If Chantal Kreviazuk’s Under These Rocks and Stones was raw genius, Colour Moving and Still was the polished gem of what she could be.  The entire album moves me in a way few do, and this moving story of a young girl infected with HIV via transfusion, who spent her short life speaking out about the disease, inspiring others, is melancholy poetry.  For my own reasons, the chorus always felt like a sucker shot to the gut.  It still does.

“Run the way you did before the nightmares
Run just like before the overkill
Run the way you did – it’s over, darling
Oh, could I be so gentle?
Oh, so soft and tender?
Oh, and could I forgive?
And could I die in my mother’s arms like her?”

Day 263:  Eve – Chantal Kreviazuk

Bonus:  At this point her husband, Raine Maida also wrote a song about Eve with his band, Our Lady Peace.  Stealing Babies…

The story of the girl in the song:


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