365 Days of Music: Day 187

Sometimes, I wonder how much the human mind can truly bear.  How much weight?  How much pain?  Psychologists love to tell us that the mind is incredibly resilient, that it can overcome far more than we believe it might, but I have my doubts.  The human mind is so precarious, a slight imbalance of a neurotransmitter can send someone plummeting into out and out madness.  How truly resilient is that?

And yet, I can’t help but try to save the world, one sad soul at a time.  I can’t not help.  I’m compelled by something born within me.  Or perhaps I’m desperately running around, putting out emotional fires, in hopes that someone will have the right water to douse my own.  Maybe I need to be the superhero to feel like less of a failure when I stare into the mirror and wonder why I just can’t be enough.

If I go crazy… Will you still call me Superman?

Day 187:  Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down

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