365 Days of Music: Day 121

Sicker than sick…  Curled up in bed, waiting for an end to the shifting tides in my stomach.  So let’s go classic today.

This is one of my three favourite songs by Sarah McLachlan, for many reasons.  It was the first song of hers that I heard (which is extremely peculiar, being Canadian, but life is funny, sometimes).  It’s also so different lyrically from her usual metaphors and structure, in a good way – almost a twisted folk tale.  But underneath its layers is a simple love for a man with flaws, a man in need of healing.  A man who presents as tough, but cares deeply – perhaps at peril to his own emotional safety.  A man who will make dark jokes then offer to carry you around if illness has left you too weak to walk.

A beautiful, fucked up man.  Ahh.  My favourite kind.  No wonder I love this song.

Day 121:  Building A Mystery – Sarah McLachlan

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