365 Days of Music: Day Fifty

If you have yet to be introduced to the wonder that is Jonathan Coulton, I feel sorry for you.

My friend Karen introduced me to this clever singer-songwriter, who delivered a song a week for an entire year… and they are fantastic.  His formula for success seems similar to the principle of NaNoWriMo:  write, without censoring, and be surprised at what NOT thinking too hard can achieve.  The constraints of time can truly bring out the best in creative individuals;  for example, one of the best things I ever took on was challenging myself to do 100 poems in 100 days.  While the first dozen were patchy, by the end, most of them were solid.

To bring it back to Halloween, this hilarious little tune about office workers and zombies makes me giggle relentlessly.  Listen, and listen often…  In the office…

Day Fifty:  Re: Your Brains – Jonathan Coulton

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