Tori Amos’ Midwinter Graces, Tweetviewed

Since I am, shall we say, thoroughly disenchanted with Tori Amos’ attempt at a winter wonderland of songs, rather than subject myself to repeated listenings to do a complete review, I’m going to post my first reactions, as posted to Twitter.  Enjoy!

  1. What Child, Nowell=Unremarkable, cliche, right down to the sleigh bells. Tori’s voice sounds good.
  2. Star Of Wonder: Musically, Scarlet-y a la Carbon. Lyrically, okay. I’m biased towards songs about stars, which helps. May grow on me more.
  3. A Silent Night With You: Remember those Celine Dion comments about 1000 Oceans? THIS is Celine! Nice for background at a holiday party.
  4. Candle: Coventry Carol… Is it just me or does Tori not sound like TORI? She seems to be hitting atypical ranges. I need to listen again. (Note:  I later learned this was a duet with her niece, which explained a LOT.  The song was alright, btw)
  5. Holly, Ivy and Rose: No. Nonono. I would have liked this if Tash wasn’t on it singing of brides.
  6. Harps of Gold: at moments so cheesy, it becomes enjoyable in an Ireland way. I will mime my harp.
  7. Snow Angel: This one’s pretty and slightly melancholy. Wait… I found one I like on first listen!
  8. Jeanette, Isabella: Tori sings these songs all soprano-y and it’s getting tedious. Also, this song is bland lyrically.
  9. Pink and Glitter: YES. A break from dainty soprano. This is more like what I expected on a Tori Solstice album.
  10. Emmanuel: You know that song Kate Bush sings about in Experiment IV? The one that can kill? Apparently, Tori made it.
  11. Winter’s Carol: Gorgeous arrangement. Pagan elements. Win. Of all the songs, the strongest.
  12. Our New Year: Gold Dust/Toast as a holiday song? Okay, love this one. Reminds me of my Poppy. This album closed strong.

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