365 Days of Music: Day Nineteen

I miss old Liz Phair.

Fans will know what I’m talking about on this.  I miss old, crude, rocking Liz, the girl with the electric guitar and potty mouth.  Liz’s most recent output just fell absolutely flat for me, with her S/T album being my last purchase.  But Liz can be forgiven considering how many great songs she’s written, particularly for the jaded woman who enjoys a good romp in the sack.

The S/T album in 2003 had several great tracks, and unfortunately my favourite isn’t on YouTube.  Fail, YouTube!  But this one has a similar vibe to how I’m feeling today, so we’ll make it our feature of the evening.   Preparing for a single girl’s night out?  Screw Beyonce (that’s right Kanye, I said it):  grab this album and blast it.

Day Nineteen:  Rock Me – Liz Phair


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