Watch: CAIRO’s Video For “A History Of Reasons”

Toronto band CAIRO (previously has been a treasure of the local scene for years now, winning over audiences with their layered, emotionally-loaded indie folk-rock sound and particular gift for harmony.  With their debut full-length album arriving in January of 2015, we’ve finally been treated to a first look and listen to the band’s growth and polish since their Young Love EP.

While there’s less grit around the edges now (me, I’m a fan of grit and strategic under-producing), there’s a more amplified sense of the atmospheric and indeed symphonic elements of CAIRO‘s sound.  “A History Of Reasons” has been part of the live show for quite some time, but nestled against a deceptively sparse and powerful video, it builds to a swell and entices a second, third or fourth listen — just as good music should.

Watch the video for “A History Of Reasons” below, and click here to jump in on Pledgemusic to support the forthcoming album.

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