Must-See: Andrew McMahon’s “Cecilia & The Satellite” Video Inspires Us To Soar.

It wasn’t enough for Andrew McMahon to reign as a king of carefully crafted California pop.  He wasn’t content to simply write the most moving and beautiful tribute to one’s child without it devolving into something overly sentimental or personal.  Nope:  the lead video release for his Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness album is equally heartwarming and uplifting.

A simple yet inspiring narrative unfolds, shot with all of the gossamer shimmer that the west coast evokes in those who love its quieter shores.  And while the song may be a loving promise from father to daughter, there’s a sense of whimsy in the video that speaks to the dreamer inside each of us.  We are all Cecilia:  ever seeking new adventures, new stories and experiences to reflect upon.

Watch the video for “Cecilia and the Satellite” by Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness below.  All the damn feels.

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