Listen: Madonna Releases 6 Tracks After “Rebel Heart” Leak

After a recent leak of unfinished demos from her forthcoming 2015 release Rebel Heart, Madonna has released 6 tracks as “an early Christmas gift” to fans.  After keeping it classy and describing the leaks as “artistic rape” (side-eye) and “terrorism” (eye roll), Madge has accepted that the best response is to simply outshine the leak with a taste of the finished product to come.

As one might have expected in the wake off the mediocre MDNA and the involvement of Diplo on this release, the released tracks vary widely in quality.  Nicki Minaj collaboration “Bitch I’m Madonna” sounds like a desperate bid for ensuring further relevance, set to one of the weakest melodic backdrops Madonna has put out in years.  Similarly, “Devil Pray” sounds kinda fun, but listening to the artist ramble off getting stoned and drinking whiskey just comes off… juvenile.  This is, after all, the woman who gave us a wealth of bold, sexually empowered music in the 90s.

Where the tracks go right:  “Living For Love”, a discotheque-ready number that harkens back to Confessions On A Dance Floor and the broken-heart ballad “Ghosttown”, the latter evoking memories of the best of her 80s sound. They’re also the tracks where it feels Madonna is staying true to her own legacy, as opposed to imitating the It Artist of the year.

Have a listen to the new tracks below.  Love ’em? Hate ’em?  We’d love your opinions!

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