Must-Hear: Polarheart Puts Bad Relationship On Ice In “Livealie”

Back in August, we told you to keep an eye on Sydney, Australia duo Polarheart.  Their lead-off track “Paralyse” immediately hooked us with its dreamy synth-pop beauty and layered polish.  Even then, I sensed a taste of something darker lurking beneath the surface, just waiting to be unearthed.

On second track “Livealie”, Polarheart‘s sound takes a turn for the foreboding.  Elements of R&B and glimpses of UK’s Garage sound infuse their electro-pop core.  The results:  a haunting, pulsing creature of a song that stalks vocalist Mary Rose in unrelenting fashion.  The intensity and mood perfectly suits a tale of love gone so wrong, so toxic to one’s true self, that life itself becomes a cage.  It’s a stylistic playground I’d love for Polarheart to continue to explore with abandon.

Have a listen to “Livealie” below and check out their Triple J Unearthed profile for free downloads and more.

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