Must-Hear: LiVKi Slips Into Mind Of Mass Shooter In “Dark Blonde Rises”

Art can and should challenge our minds, hearts and senses, whenever possible.  It should be thoughtful yet bold, unflinchingly honest even if completely uncomfortable to take in.

From way of Berlin comes LiVKi, an artist who explains her sound as “Global Village Voice ‘N Bass”.  Armed with her bass, percussion and an unflinching and wry look at society and the music industry, one could attempt to compare her to the offspring of PJ Harvey and Karen O, but still fall miserably short.

A poetic punk artist with a political mind, LiVKi has made the bold and perhaps controversial choice to take on the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting in her new single, “Dark Blonde Rises”.  Slipping into the mind of a killer, LiVKi explores the megalomaniacal and the line where fantasy tragically blurs into reality — and an ordinary person finds no other refuge for his inner conflict save his life imitating the art that once was mere escapism.

Listen to “Dark Blonde Rises” below.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.  For more on LiVKi, head on over to her official website.

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