City and Colour Releases “Nowhere, Texas” To Support YWCA’s Rose Campaign

December 6th, 1989:  14 women studying at École Polytechnique are killed for being women in what we collectively call the Montreal Massacre.

1971: a series of disappearances and murders unfolds over a nearly four-decade span of time along a lonely stretch of highway called the Texas Killing Fields.  Most are young girls; all are female.  Only one victim has seen justice, through a chance DNA match.

Change the scenery, change the time and place; it doesn’t matter.  There’s a killing field everywhere we go.

Understanding the broad scope of violence against women, and haunted by the Hollywood film depicting the murders in Texas, City and Colour’s Dallas Green has put a previously unreleased track from The Hurry and the Harm sessions up on iTunes, with all proceeds supporting the YWCA Rose Campaign. Dedicated to commemorating the lives lost in the Montreal Massacre, as well as working year-round to prevent violence against women, the campaign is a powerful and necessary  initiative in a world that, 25 years later, still sees our (male) Justice Minister somehow ignoring the manifesto of the killer and refusing to acknowledge that the 14 women killed in 1989 were killed for the crime of being women.

Listen below to the haunting and powerful song, “Nowhere, Texas” and purchase it here on iTunes.

Learn more about the YWCA Rose Campaign here.

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