Live’s Ed Kowalczyk Announces “Throwing Copper” Anniversary Tour

Lovers of mid-90s alternative surely recall one of its biggest selling albums of the time, Live’s Throwing Copper.  An album loaded with radio hits including the breathtaking “Lightning Crashes”, it’s perhaps the epitome of the band’s output.  Powerful storytelling met with well-crafted rock melodies laced with pop crossover moments for a memorable outing.

Former lead singer Ed Kowalczyk has recently announced plans for an anniversary tour for the album, including an acoustic treatment of the songs.  Given the brooding, soft swell of certain tracks — “Pillar of Davidson” comes to mind — this is a welcome re-imagining of an album with a special place in the hearts of fans.

For full tour details, visit Ed’s official site, where you can also learn more about his latest solo album, The Flood and The Mercy.  In the meantime, we’ll cross our fingers for a Toronto date!

Live Throwing Copper Tour Details


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