Must Hear: LOLO Covers Beyonce’s “Halo” With Gorgeous Results

I’ve been espousing the vocal pipes and songwriting skills of LOLO (Lauren Pritchard) for years, with damn good reason.  Bringing a bluesy, powerhouse voice to the table with the raw, evocative sensibility of Fiona Apple, LOLO doesn’t shy away from anything.  Soulful ballad, pop-infused groove, sinister brooding tunes — she’s game for it all.

No wonder, then, that the challenge of taking on Beyoncé didn’t faze her.  Even better, she owns it.

Taking on the superstar chanteuse’s hit single “Halo”, LOLO stays true to the soaring soul of the original’s vocals, while adding an atmospheric, moody feel all her own.  A sunny love song becomes a midnight calling for the object of one’s affection in her clever hands.  It’s the artistic choice of a seasoned performer, a straddling of the line between homage to the original and allowing the material to grow and breathe in a new space.

Have a listen to LOLO‘s take on “Halo” below and take a listen to her original work at her official site.

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