New Artist Watch: Polarheart; Fable; EVVY

Keep an eye on these artists; they’re on the verge of something special!

“Paralyse” – Polarheart

Sydney, Australia’s Polarheart have already been making waves with their debut, racking up thousands of Soundcloud hits and now garnering attention from MTV and Nylon Magazine.  Their dreampop sound — reminiscent of Data Romance or a low-key Metric — is enthralling with just the right hook, leaving this soft, melancholy melody echoing in your mind for hours on end.  What sets them apart is the mature, exploratory soundscapes they’re crafting — a little playful, a little unsettling, but ultimately beautiful.

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“I Speak Words” – Fable

Brighton artist Fable is 19 years old — a fact that seems to require repeating everywhere, as if teenagers are incapable of immense talent — and currently crafting her debut EP Parasite with trip hop collective Archive.  If “I Speak Words” is any indication, we can look forward to a jaw-dropping creation that marries Massive Attack, Lorde and PJ Harvey into an electro-trip-punk wonderland.  Dark and daring you to turn away, Fable is the real deal.

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“Never Let You Go” – EVVY

New Yorker EVVY recently released her debut EP, and it’s definitely caught our ears.  Airy, delicate vocals dance between synth-heavy electronic pop landscapes.  EVVY deals in the shimmering exuberance of young love and the quiet avalanche of its loss.  The result: a sense of being trapped within a kaleidoscope, where up is down and blue turns pink as the mood suits her.

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