Must-Hear: iSH Inspires Us To Be “Renegades”

Toronto-based artist/actor/producer/expert at making me look lazy iSH (Ishan Morris) has been hard at work honing his craft since dropping his first Mix Tape in 2011.   The First Impression quickly caught the ears of industry and fans alike, with debut single “Falling In Love With You” cracking the Top 40 — no easy feat for a fresh artist starting out, particularly in the Canadian music scene, where American and UK imports flood rotations.

A little older, with the clout of collaborations with La Roux and Robyn under his belt, iSH has dropped his first EP proper, Up & Up, a title that speaks to where he’s headed and also speaks to a man who’s wiser for his myriad of experiences.  Track “Renegades” caught my attention immediately and not simply because of my love of pyrotechnics.  Confessional and raw, iSH takes on detractors, disengaged parents and disloyal friends in a series of tight hooks and verses, but it never comes off as a diss track or an exercise in immaturity or ego stroking.  Instead, there’s a thread of inspiration, of rising above the baggage and mistakes of the past.

Being a renegade is all about the future, about carving a path of one’s own.  Sage advice set to honey-soaked harmonies.

Check out the video for “Renegades” below, and swing by iSH’s official site for more.

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