Moist Returns With New Single “Mechanical”, Reminds Us How Alt-Rock Is Done

Those who witnessed the rise and pinnacle of the Canadian alternative scene (and have since mourned its severe decline in quality), rejoice!  I bring you tidings of sweet melodies and riffs worth headbanging to.

Moist is not only back on the live circuit; they’re dropping a new album as well.

For those not in the know, a quick history:  formed in Vancouver in 1992, Moist stormed onto the scene with their demos and debut release proper, Silver.  The vocal stylings of David Usher, the at turns dark and driving lyrics, and the tight sound of the band quickly established them as forerunners in the scene alongside the likes of The Tea Party and Matthew Good Band.  In particular, their use of keyboards and flashes of horns made them a standout, although their high-energy live show certainly helped breed devotion among listeners.  A whirlwind decade of touring and a trilogy of albums later, the band parted ways to find balance and pursue other projects (David Usher’s solo career helped filled the void for many fans).

2013 was the year of the Resurrection:  a series of shows in key markets that apparently sparked the creative fires.  With the release of lead single “Mechanical” and the news of a new album forthcoming, it’s an exciting time for those who lived and breathed the scene in the stretch from ’94-’04 (when alt began to dilute and die, at least in the mainstream).  The key question is:  is it any good?

Come on.  You know it is.

“Mechanical” is a return to the band’s roots in many ways.  On first listen, I was immediately reminded of old school Moist — think “Sweet Electric Child” or “Wake Me”, with the polished feel of “Machine Punch Through”.  Really, you’ve got a solid package for a single:  Usher’s vocals hit that sweet belted spot that evokes a sing-along; the bridge is a tightly-woven blend of riffs and punctuating percussion; and the lyrics tap into the general malaise and jaded bitterness of their core demographic.  Punchy, clever rock, perfect for the summertime charts.

Colour me impressed.  We can forgive you that extra-long breather, guys.

Snag your very own copy of “Mechanical” on iTunes, and don’t forget: the industry is as brutal as it ever was.  Make sure the radio stations hear you loud and clear on social media and phone.  And of course, keep your eyes on the band’s official site for tour news!

Welcome back, alternative rock.  2014 is shaping up to be a great year.

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