CMW Photo Recap: Goodnight, Sunrise @ Rancho Relaxo, 05/08/14

Editorial: Amber Waves
Photography: Joseph Deogracias

There are certain bands that we love around these parts for more than their music.  Some of them boast creators so down-to-earth and hardworking that we genuinely enjoy checking them out at every opportunity, simply because they’re the living embodiment of Cheers: always glad we came.

Toronto band Goodnight, Sunrise is definitely among those elite few.  Between their boundless enthusiasm, love of glow sticks and willingness to do anything that strikes them as fun — a No Pants tour; an homage to The Lion King; hosting a live rock and roll spin class (twice!) — there’s always a great time to be had.

We’ve told you why their debut album Create/Destroy/Create is a must-own; we’ve told you time and again about their talents.  Enjoy a few snaps from their Canadian Music Week set on Thursday night, and stay tuned for our coverage of their second (hopefully annual) Spin Class!

Find out more about the band (and find your own show to partake of) at their official site!


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