Must-See: Thick As Thieves Haunt Old School Arcade With “Ghosts”

Los Angeles-based Thick As Thieves may have caught their first serious buzz with their so-sick-it’s-ridiculous mash-ups of chart-topping tunes, but their true genius lies within their original tracks.  Debut EP These Days is a testament to what the gritty heart and vocals of classic blues-soaked rock can lend to the urban sphere, and is a promising taste of what a full-length release will bring.

For their latest video for “Ghosts”, the band wanted a literal embodiment of the track, yet also craved the classic love story at the lyrical core.  Their solution:  a four-minute plus exploration of a downward spiral, featuring Pac-Man.

Yes, that Pac-Man.

The track itself is more pop-driven than other tracks of theirs I’ve spun in the past, including an earlier cut of the song — perhaps a reflection of pop-folk artist Sunday Lane joining the ranks — but it’s incredibly powerful, soaring with an open-road feel as Lane and Nick Richey call and respond.  Two superficially dissonant voices in harmony, a sonic embodiment of a relationship broken yet not severed.

Watch the video for Thick As Thieves‘ “Ghosts” below and check out more great music at their official site.

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