Matt Easton Dreams Of The “Jet Life”

There’s something about airplanes.  Red Hot Chili Peppers liken music to one; B.O.B. wishes upon them as if they were shooting stars; and Blur got their heads checked by one, once upon a two-minute hit track.

There’s a freedom in the ability to pick up and go explore the world on a whim, a world in the clouds where we can be all that we dream of.  Unsurprising, then, that Matt Easton’s latest single, “Jet Life”, focuses on that world where making it in the music business means having the ability to just go, anytime, anywhere.  And while Easton’s got his eyes on a few outlandish prizes in mind for when he tops the charts (“Get a waterslide from my pool to my room!” he enthuses, before namedropping Charlie Sheen, Kanye West and Dr Dre in the same verse), it’s with a twist of levity, a sort of wink-wink understanding that it’s all a little much.

But it’s the imagery — of friends relaxing, smiling and enjoying the generous use of said jet, contrasted with Easton alone at a piano — that brings the track back down to earth in a way where you’re rooting for the guy to find that damn plane and soar across the sky.  Easton’s technical chops are sound and it’s the instrumental beneath the clever hooks that elevates the track to something more memorable.

Filmed across 11 locations over the span of eight months, “Jet Life” is an early contender for the summer 2014 playlist.  Check out the single below and swing by Matt Easton’s official site for more.

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