Video Premiere: “There Ain’t No One” – The Crooked Brothers

Winnipeg’s The Crooked Brothers aren’t exactly known for their cheery tunes.  In fact, despite the toe tapping, make you move undercurrent of their porch country-blues melodies, they’ve never written a happy tune in seven years of trying.

That is, until now.

Due to kick off on a series of Canadian dates in support of their new Postcard EP (delivered as a literal postcard with download links to enjoy and mail along to a friend — incredibly innovative), The Crooked Brothers have released a video for their first upbeat tune, “There Ain’t No One”.  In keeping with the nostalgic vibe of the release, the band has captured a series of memories shot in Super 8.  It’s retro without feeling cliche, capturing that warmth of remembering the journey a relationship can take and realizing that no, there’s really no one else you’d rather call a loved one.  The song itself is a playful, punchy melody that you can’t help but enjoy — a ray of sunshine for the dark winter days still ahead.

Check out the video for “There Ain’t No One” below, and find out more about the Postcard EP at The Crooked Brothers’ official website.

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