Must-Hear: The Everly Brothers Get Electrified In A Loving Cover By Hannah Georgas

With the recent passing of Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers, it seems only fitting to reflect upon the impact their music had on generations that followed. Fusing the sounds of country with old school R&B and shades of the blossoming pop scene, the Everly Brothers not only released several classic singles that remain memorable today, but have also been cited by numerous acts to follows as influences or peers worthy of recognition — Paul Simon, The Beatles and Neil Young, to name a few.

Another more homegrown appreciator of the duo’s harmonies, Hannah Georgas recorded a cover of the brothers’ break-out single, “Bye Bye Love” last summer. Ethereal yet jarring, Georgas manages to echo the sorrow-upbeat juxtaposition of the original through her own sonic weapons. One unfamiliar with the original would be surprised to learn of how long ago the song was penned; such is its timelessness. Such is what the best covers do.

Take a listen to Hannah’s take on “Bye Bye Love” below, and check out her latest album at her official site.

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