On Repeat: “The End” – The Jezabels

Pop music.  Depending on who you ask and their generation, it’s a term with a wealth of meanings.  For the nineties children, it may mean a wealth of Disney-packed tweens and reality stars gone viral, churning out music that almost embarrasses the boy bands of their toddler years.  For the children of the eighties, it evokes a larger world with its own neighbourhoods of high and low value property.

Australian indie pop-rockers The Jezabels may be reluctant to embrace the dreaded ‘P’ word with respect to their sound, but it’s the intelligent incarnation of the genre, wielded expertly by the likes of all from Bowie to Kate Bush.  With serious accolades under their belts from their debut album Prisoner, the band is poised for anything but a slump with their forthcoming sophomore effort The Brink.

Lead single “The End” is deceptively airy with a sonic shimmer, a reflection upon a dark pool.  With shades of new wave pinned beneath a beckoning percussive line, vocalist Hayley Mary is at turns reflective and cautiously optimistic, her voice swelling to a precipice and gliding to the earth anew.   Classic rock chords add an edge and maturity that makes the track memorable and irresistible.  The video itself is a spark of humanity that will pull anyone from the shadows into the light with a smile.

I guess it depends on what you think is the role of music. Is it to reflect how you feel, and bring everyone and everything to that level? Or is a kind of healing power, pushing you to this fabulous fantasy world where happiness can exist?” Mary asks in a press release.  “The End” appears to be one hell of an answer.

Check out The Jezabels‘ video for “The End” below and swing by their official site for all of the details on The Brink.

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