Must-Hear: “Kingdom Perverted” – Illitry

Hamilton’s Illitry are masters of creating soundscapes over songs — living, breathing worlds that swallow a listener whole.  One is beckoned like that storybook puppet into the belly of a whale, surrounded by the ribs and echoing heartbeat rhythm of a beast.  Sometimes, the monster sleeps, its tempo slowed to a pitter-patter.  On their latest single, one might say that our creature has stirred rather ominously.

“Kingdom Perverted” is a hook-laden, Afro-Cuban percussive land of lush sounds and foreboding lyrics.  As organic as the band has ever sounded, there is a liveliness that surges through the track that elevates it to a new level.  Illitry is stepping up their game on this one and whether it’s the desperation of the dystopian world they’re evoking or an unknown, particular resonance with this new material, I’m thoroughly enraptured.

Check out what is easily one of the best electronic-based tracks of 2013 below and while you’re at it, swing by their page and support their vision.

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