Must-Hear: “Cold Hands” – Solids

One of the banes of music journalism is attempting to explain a new act to readers without drawing comparisons to other artists.  It’s nearly impossible, given that the human mind constructs its understanding of the world in hierarchies and schemata — tools that draw upon the use of simile and metaphor in scientific fashion.  I can tell you a band rocks, that it evokes a four-on-the-floor grunge metal with only two people, but in the end, those neurons crave comparison.

So here it is:  consider Montreal duo Solids to be the bastard child of Sonic Youth and Japandroids, conceived in a night of sweaty, drunken debauchery that begins with a living room and ends up thrashed in the back of an old van with carpet laid down and empty liquor bottles strewn everywhere.  Oh yes, and a morning cigarette, sans Was it good for you? because neither party cares if it wasn’t.

(This is all complimentary, by the way.)

There’s no pretension, no over-production, no flourishes.  Just gritty, straight-up rock until you sweat blood and fall down.  Sound tasty?  Check out the road footage compilation video for track “Cold Hands” below and for more details, hit up Solids‘ official site.

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