Must-See: “Anchors” – Old English

OTM loves Old English; we’ve made that clear in the past.  Their cleverly-named debut release Prose & Khans is a layered, emotionally engaging collection of tracks, one of my personal favourites being “Anchors”.

Recently, the phenom team at Southern Souls challenged Matt Henderson et al. to unravel the studio layers and strip a song down to a live, acoustic rendering.  Filmed at Cameron’s Brewery in Oakville, the “in the round” results are stunning, allowing the song to shine in a new light.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that Old English has the ability to summon up other talents from First Rate People and Fitness Club Fiasco.  The results are so gorgeous as to almost be unfair.

Check out the gorgeous results below, then click here to see more of Southern Souls’ work.  And hey, put a little treat in Old English‘s Halloween bag if you haven’t already and buy your own copy of their album now.

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