Must-Hear: “Through A Bottle Through A Well” – Field Assembly

Insomnia is a bitch.

I say this as someone who has struggled to find restful sleep since childhood, a time filled with stories of sleepwalking and sleeptalking during toddler years that gave way to my teens, where sleep became a blessed event.  And yet, in those quiet hours where the world around me rests, I have formed friendships overseas with those greeting their mornings, written novels and immersed in music.

Insomnia is also a blessing.

Adam Fox, the man behind the Field Assembly moniker, is one acquainted with the sleepless night.  In that dimly lit night, fascinated by the half-world insomniacs often straddle between waking and REM state, he cobbled together the skeletal songs that blossomed into his latest release, Narco.  A collection of 7 tunes meandering from the introspective musings best unfolded at 3am to worlds of Lions and Christians, Narco has that sparse feel of a world of hush and people are trying to sleep with dreamier accents that transcend the earthy grounding of acoustic guitar.

My personal favourite of the set is “Through A Bottle Through A Well”, a track with a bit more uptempo bite beneath the surface and a Tom Petty circa Wildflowers feel.  Caution:  it may haunt your sleepless nights.

Listen below, and swing by Field Assembly‘s official site to hear more of the delicate artistry of Narco.


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