Must-Hear: “Playground (I Am Free)” – Urvah Khan

“Rock is dead; we built this from the scraps.”

Scrap is the way Urvah Khan describes her sound, but the adjective could perhaps be extrapolated to a conceptualization of the woman herself.  Growing up a Pakistani girl transplanted to Surrey, B.C. and eventually Toronto, Urvah Khan found words in her DNA — her mother was a journalist in Pakistan.  On the streets of Abu Dhabi and Canada, she gathered the pieces of Western and Eastern sound that later fell into the socially conscious and empowered music she creates.  A blend of rap, hip-hop and punk, the fittingly titled debut album The Wrath Of Urvah Khan runs the gamut from heartbreak to social isolation to a celebration of what it is to dream and burn with a fire that cannot be extinguished.  Consider her Canada’s answer to M.I.A. — with a voice all her own.

Check out “Playground (I Am Free)” below and swing by her official site for more music.  Caution:  may become addictive.   On the plus side, music is good for the soul.  Just ask Urvah.

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