On Repeat: “Explore the dark, explore the light…”

One of my first favourite songs was “Radio Ga-Ga” by Queen.  Perhaps it was the novelty of the baby-talk lyrics; perhaps I simply understood from a young age that Freddie Mercury was a God.  I’d like to think it was the latter, as I grew to adore the band’s catalogue, along with musical theatre.  It’s funny to many that I’m not a worshipper of Lady Gaga, given my appreciation of theatricality and its place in song, but I digress.

Incura‘s Kyle Gruninger understands what sets Mercury apart from all others who’ve embraced true flair on stage.  His background in musical theatre is unsurprising as one spins the band’s self-titled release:  soaring vocals blend with a rock sound infused with classical elements and unabashed moments of stage narrative to create memorable songs.  One of our favourites:  “I Breathe This”, a track seemingly ripped from a rock opera yet to be penned… or is the album itself a rock opera?

Listen for yourself and decide.

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