This Summer, Morning Fame Is “Cast Away”

Regular readers will recall OTM’s enjoyment of Morning Fame‘s “The Colour Of Sound”, part of the set of new tracks on their album bridging release Back And Forth.  The promise and growth in the progressive stylings of the band are readily apparent in its sprawling sonic groove.

Their latest video for track “Cast Away” continues to exemplify that mature polish to their loose storytelling.  A studio jam affair on screen, the tune has a decidedly indie-folk warmth to it.  I particularly dig the guitars on this track, which seems to straddle the lower-key vibe of the band’s debut EP A Lasting Place and their newer material.  Perhaps the hands of Mike Turner at the helm explain the clean, vibrant lines.  Either way, we think the package —  lyrics, melody and production — come together beautifully on this one.

Take a listen below, and snag a free download at Morning Fame‘s official site while you’re at it!

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