Must-Hear: “Machine” – Krystale

Fusion is the name of the game in today’s music scene. So few artists — mainstream pop aside — seem to stick within a single genre.  Indie artists, in particular, love to experiment, blending two worlds that their ears register as aligned.  Alt-country; ambient alternative; hell, Emilie Autumn’s been billing herself as “Victoriandustrial” for years.  It’s created a richness of sound in the terrain music writers travel.

Montreal’s Krystale is no exception.  Drawing upon her Dominican roots and her meant-for-jazz voice, she’s fused electronic elements with contemporary jazz in her songwriting.  The result:  a fresh feel to an established genre.  New life breathed into its bones.  And while that standard soul core shines through in her vocal work, there’s a sensual ebb and flow of ocean tides that carries just a touch of the islands beneath the surface.

Her latest album Machine drops tomorrow, but you can check out the title track below (word to the wise: stay with the video to the final frames for a payoff).  Like what you hear?  Swing by her official site for more.

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